4 Ways to Keep the Heat Inside Your Home This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and many homeowners’ first instincts are to run straight to the thermostat and crank up the heat. Here at Window World of Louisville, we know how frigid the winters can be, so we’ve put together four ways to keep the interior of your home warm, without having to incorporate the heat right away.

Seal All Cracks

Check around and under your door frame for openings or cracks where cold air could get in. We suggest utilizing a door sweep for an extra barrier against the winter elements. All of our entry doors are created to function as a protective barrier from harsh conditions in the Louisville area and add a sense of stunning curb appeal.

Cook Winter Favorites

Pumpkin SoupBy utilizing your kitchen to cook your meals, you create more heat in the home that comes from the oven and the stove. This winter, make comfort foods like soups and thick stews that warm your stomach and your home.

Energy Efficient Windows

Energy-efficient windows take the UV rays from the sun and absorb them in the winter, warming up your living space without the use of a heater. In the summer, our Low-E Glass technology reflects the sun’s rays and keeps your Louisville residence cool and comfortable.

Insulated Vinyl Siding

Keep Warm In WinterIt’s true, exterior siding has an effect on your comfort indoors. Not only does Window World of Louisville’s vinyl siding collection protect you from the harsh winter elements, but it keeps freezing air from invading your interior and interfering with the comfort of you and your family.

Stay Warm This Winter With These Four Tips!

Window World of Louisville knows how cold it can get around this area, and we urge you to keep these tips in mind when thinking about turning up the heat in the early winter months. Contact us today with any questions about our energy efficient windows or vinyl siding. We look forward to helping you on your next home project!

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