3 Ways A New Roof Can Transform Your Louisville Home

Transform Your Home With A New RoofHave you ever wondered if your roof needs replacing? Roofs are essential to keeping us comfortable and safe from the elements. This may not be on the top of every Louisville residents’ to-do list, but it is necessary in maintaining the health of your home and keeping your family comfortable and safe.

To help you understand just how important a functional roof is, Window World of Louisville has put together three major ways adding a new roof can improve your home.

Improve Curb Appeal

Be the talk of the neighborhood with a new, attractive roof. Your neighbors will not only appreciate how it looks from the outside, but they may also be so envious that they just have to replace their own roof. Another important factor to keep in mind is that if you ever decide to sell your residence, buyers like seeing that your roof is up-to-date. Not having an updated roof can be a huge turn-off when families are house hunting.

Save On Energy Bills

Cracks and holes in your roof can cause unwanted air to creep in. Having a fresh roof that is damage-free can save money on your monthly energy bill by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Proper insulation in your home is essential to your comfort, and having an energy efficient roof is the way to go!

Protect Yourself from Harsh Weather

Raining on RoofLouisville residents know a thing or two about severe weather. We have hot summers that bring thunderstorms and chilly winters accompanied by ice and snow. No matter the season, moisture getting inside your roof can be detrimental to your home’s internal structure. The soffit, or portion beneath the roof overhang, is designed with small holes to provide air circulation. The ventilation is very important because it cycles moisture out. If the moisture does not leave the attic, problems like mold or rotting can occur. Fascia board is another part of the roof that can be damaged. It serves as a layer between the edge of the roof and outside and protects wooden boards against water damage. Just like soffit, if moisture gets in, internal rotting can occur.

As you can see, these three reasons for getting a new roof are not only for curb appeal, but also for functionality. Window World of Louisville is proud to serve as your resource for home repair advice and quality replacement products!

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